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India forecasts top 10 economic trends in 2015

  • Tuesday, 13 January 2015 00:00

In many ways, India is at cross roads of growth as 2015 dawns. There are inumerable opportunities that are laid before the nation as well as challenges. Which way do we go? What are the top ten most prominent trends that we need to watch out for in 2015? It is fascinating to listen to expert discussion at NDTV with Ruchir Sharma, writer and one of the largest investors in emerging markets. Here are the top ten questions:

1. 2015: Make or Break Year
2. February 2015 The Big Month
3. Global Recession in 2015?
4. Can India Grow when the World doesn’t?
5. Will India start catching up with China?
6. Can ‘Make in India’ for Exports work?
7. Will Oil Prices Rise or Fall in 2015?
8. Will Global inflation collapse help India?
9. Who will be the New Winners in 2015?
10: What India wants in 2015?

Watch the interview below.

News courtesy: NDTV